Art and fashion meet at the B51 Gallery Hotel in Marbella (Spain) on the occasion of the exhibition AnoufaBears, by the artist Ylan Anoufa for which ONVERSED prepared a virtual fashion show.

A creator in constant metamorphosis, Anoufa masterfully fuses his distinctive style with his love of fine art and sculpture. His works, infused with rhythmic brushstrokes and graphics inspired by melodies and verses, are translated into his bears that inspire the digital fashion collection created by ONVERSED.

Anoufa’s artistic expression transcends the aesthetic, delving into the realm of social consciousness. Using wit and irony as his brush, he sheds light on issues of utmost relevance. Each creation stands as a podium to manifest thoughts and concerns, weaving an optimistic message at its core. Through this approach, Anoufa weaves bonds with his audience, evoking delight, contemplation and a renewed mood of hope, which together with ONVERSED will lead to the metaverse.

The Anoufabear art exhibition took place around the dazzling 4-meter tall bear sculpture, SURF BEAR. Made especially for the prestigious B51 hotel in Marbella, this imposing piece stands as an emblem of artistic evolution.

Art and fashion come together once again in this ONVERSED project as a unique value proposition.

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