ONVERSED has created the 3D digital twin of the artwork “Estuche para dos Violines” (The case for two violins) for its exhibition in the renowned artist Pedro Sandoval’s “Pintando con música” (Painting with Music) exhibition.

The exhibition premiered on October 5th at the Royal Conservatory of Music, alongside the famous artist and the centenary “Estuche para dos Violines,” attributed to the great master Pablo Picasso. An exhibition in which, alongside the digital twin, nine large-format works bursting with rhythm and colour will be showcased.

The exhibition, which takes place in the year marking the fiftieth anniversary of Picasso’s death, is a well-deserved tribute to the universal Málaga-born artist. Sandoval’s works, inspired by music and cubism, offer a new perspective on Picasso’s oeuvre.

In addition to the painting exhibition, the event features the world premiere of the first musical suite dedicated to Picasso, composed by the Hispanic-Venezuelan artist himself. This work will be performed by the Cruz Diez Orchestra, under the direction of Manuel Jurado.

Nico, Manuel Salázar, Raquel Pérez y Pedro Sandoval. 

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the works of two great artists, Picasso and Sandoval, in a unique context.

Pedro José Sandoval is a Venezuelan artist known for his neo-expressionist abstract work. Much of his art focuses on colour, movement, and texture. His work is part of the permanent collection at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. He lives and works between Madrid, Berlin, and New York.

Pablito Collection

A unique collection of digital fashion inspired by the artwork “Estuche para dos violines,” which its owner, Manuel Salázar, in collaboration with ONVERSED, has created to introduce Picasso’s figure to younger audiences.

Several unique pieces are available for purchase on Zepeto and Roblox where you can dress your avatar in the fashion collection inspired by one of the most universally recognized artists of all time, Picasso.

“Estuche para dos violines” is a collage that occupies the two halves of a violin case, representing a violinist on the inside of the case lid, created with newspaper clippings, corrugated cardboard, book covers, and brushstrokes of black paint. On the other side, there is the silhouette of two violins cut out of a sheet of wood, painted with black, red, and white strokes, and it bears the author’s signature.

The Pablito Collection has been created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death.

Don’t miss out on this limited collection!

Pablito Collection x ONVERSED x Zepeto