The Automobile and Fashion Museum of Malaga hosted last April 28th the second edition of the MAM Fashion Forum. A meeting where great professionals from the fashion industry gathered to discuss and share experiences. ONVERSED could not miss it and we were there! At the epicenter for those who make, feel and create fashion.

A unique event in which we tried to give an answer to how the fashion of the future will be, in which craftsmanship and technology are key.

The contribution of digitalization to design, production and marketing were the pillars on which ONVERSED was based to create an immersive metaverse experience that we presented at the MAM Fashion Forum. Audrey Hepburn wore, thanks to artificial intelligence, one of the Thierry Muggler dresses worn by Diana Ross at the 1991 Grammy Awards, which is on display at the museum.

The creation of the digital twin of the dress and the replica of one of the museum sauce in which the experience is recreated, teaches us new concepts facing the fashion of the future, such as “digital couture”.

Mariana Flink and Raquel Pérez, founders of ONVERSED, told how the process had been in the radio interview with Pablo de Vargas and Verónica Cebrián in the program Artech of Intereconomía.

Metaverse and digital fashion become the great allies of brands to generate new lines of business or marketing strategies, reach younger audiences without investing in trying to attract them and generate new communities, but directly positioning themselves where the Z and Alpha generations interact.

Designers like Álvaro Calafat are already working with virtual reality to generate their impressive handcrafted designs. We were impressed with the symbolism of his pieces, in which technology acquires prominence in signature fashion.

The 2nd MAM Fashion Forum opened with the participation of Miguel Vieira, a flagship in the Portuguese fashion industry with a style that reflects elegance, charm and glamour.

We enjoyed Palomo Spain who has revolutionized men’s fashion with that fusion between the innate drama of Spain’s southern character and the sophistication of London-inspired urban style.

From Maison Mesa who has worked for brands such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Delpozo or Harper’s Baazar. And the renowned photographer Manuel Outumuro, winner of a Lucie Award.

The turn of the Andalusian designers came with the participation of Ernesto Naranjo from Seville, Moisés Nieto from Jaén or Jesús Sesgado and Juana Martín from Málaga.

We could not miss the vision of the role of social networks and the role of the metaverse in fashion communication for which we had the participation of Manuel Fernández, creator of the Fashion Art Institut, Paula Viana, founder of The Backstage Talks, David Alarcón, editor of METAL Magazine and Karen Sastre, digital marketing specialist who teaches at Elle Education.

An event that we enjoyed very much, held in an unparalleled environment, presented by model Laura Sanchez and Begoña Pascual expert in communication and marketing of fashion brands.

Looking forward to the 3rd edition!