Exposición en el Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid “Pintando con Música Pedro Sandoval y el homenaje al Estuche para dos Violines”.


ONVERSED designed a digital twin for “Pablito“, an art case for two violins after being approached by Marcos Salázar Ruiz.

The Pablito Collection, created in collaboration with the renowned artist Pedro Sandoval, aims to pay tribute to Pablo Picasso on the 50th anniversary of his death. We have leveraged art and technology to inspire younger generations within Zepeto, a metaverse where big fashions brands have already captivated its growing global user base.


“Case for two violins” is a work attributed to Pablo Ruiz Picasso according to VeriArt’s studio. The work is a collage that occupies the two halves of a case for two violins representing on one side a violinist on the inside of the cover of the case, made with newspaper clippings, corrugated cardboard, book covers and strokes of black paint and on the other the outline of two violins cut into a sheet of wood, painted in black, red and white, and containing the signature of the author Pablo Picasso.

The two violins are made of pine wood on the front and poplar wood on the back; both are unvarnished and painted on the front. Picasso used these types of wood in several sculptures, such as a Still Life made in 1914.

The figure of the violinist is made up of pieces of corrugated cardboard and several fragments of publications: a section of Le Petit Journal, published on January 14, 1893, which would correspond to a part of the torso; a fragment of the cover of the Stories of Ruiz de Alarcón, published in 1914, and which was placed with the reverse side up and on which one of the violinist’s hands is drawn; and several fragments of the cover of Zizi. Historia de un gorrión de París, dated 1892, which make up parts of the face and the cuff of one of the sleeves.


Digital Fashion

Estuche para dos Violines

“Art and fashion unite in the metaverse to pay homage to Picasso”
Raquel Pérez

“New generations will know about his work through immersive experiences in the metaverse”
Mariana Flink


Painting with music. Pedro Sandoval and the tribute to the case for two violins.

The event will feature a concert that will have as the world premiere of the Over-Suite Apoteosis del Genio, written by Pedro Sandoval and his team, and directed by Manuel Jurado.

  • Location: Real Conservatorio Superior de Música
  • Address: C. de Sta. Isabel, 53 años. CP 28012. Madrid
  • Grand opening: Thursday October 5th 2023, from 11:00
Cartel del evento Pintando con musica. Pedro Sandoval y el homenaje al estuche para dos violines


If you want to organise an event to pay tribute to the master on the 50th anniversary of his death, in which art, 3D, digital fashion and metaverse merge, do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks to our sponsors for making this event FREE to attend.

Comunidad de Madrid. Direccion General de Enseñanzas Artisticas. Consejeria de de educacion, ciencia y universidades
RCSMM Real Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Madrid
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